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Workout Recovery


Workout Recovery

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Recovery after training is the process of approaching clenbuterol pills for weight loss the natural level of a number of indicators characterizing the physical condition and performance of the body and deviating from the norm as a result of training loads. These include both physical parameters (pulse, blood pressure, etc.) and biochemical (level of certain hormones in the blood, the content of lactic acid and glycogen in the muscles, amino acids, etc.). It must be said that from the point of view of sports in general and bodybuilding in particular how to gain muscle fast for men Come allenarsi secondo il tuo tipo di corpo, the goal of recovery processes and procedures is twofold – on the one hand, it is the return of normal working capacity, and, on the other, an increase in a number of indicators (strength parameters, endurance, muscle volume, reduction of the fatigue threshold, etc. .).

In complex and lengthy recovery processes, sports medicine distinguishes between four main periods, or phases: a fast recovery period, a slow recovery period, supercompensation and a delayed recovery period.

In the period of rapid recovery, metabolic processes return to normal: energy reserves in the tissues (ATP and glycogen windsor weight loss clinic with hgh) are restored, as well as oxygen reserves, slags (lactic acid and urea) are actively removed, the nervous and cardiovascular systems normalize, and also comes to normal release of stress hormones (primarily adrenaline and cortisol). This period lasts about half an hour.

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The slow recovery period lasts much longer (up to several days) and tends to replenish the expended resources (electrolytes in the blood and intercellular fluid, amino acid reserves, etc.), as well as the regeneration of damaged tissues (for example, microcracks in the muscles). In this phase, the body actively anavar muscle gain assimilates nutrients from the digestive system.

lactic acid

The period of supercompensation is characterized by excess of the norm in a number of indicators – muscle volumes, strength indicators, etc. This period is extremely important for the athlete, because at this moment the body with some excess prepared for new stress – and it is at this moment that it is advisable to conduct a new workout, then in a few days the growth will what to take to gain muscle mass fast go further.

In the period of delayed recovery, the body returns to the pre-stress level of all indicators if it has not received a new load in the previous phase, or if the load was lower than the previous Hälso one.

Recovery in practice

The methods used to accelerate and increase the efficiency of recovery processes vary slightly depending on the goals set by the athlete (weight gain, weight loss, increased stamina or strength indicators, etc.). However, there are general patterns.

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In the first phase (quick recovery), i.e. immediately after training, you should take substances that restore the water balance, energy resources that suppress catabolism and stimulate protein synthesis and the production of hormones responsible for muscle growth. These are BCAA, creatine, glutamine and water. Or a good fast protein. For convenience, you can take a recovery complex that includes some of these substances (for example which steroid is best for weight gain, the amino acid complex from Be First – BCAA Recovery).

recovery processes

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Half an hour or an hour after the workout – continued restoration of the water-electrolyte balance (it is advisable to take isotonic or mineral water), providing the body with energy for recovery (carbohydrates: complex if you do not want to gain weight, or any if you gain weight, but from simple fast carbohydrates (sweets, potatoes and buns hormone weight loss) it is better to abstain, – rice or buckwheat porridge, pasta or spaghetti), and to suppress catabolism and stimulate muscle growth – protein (better fast whey, and if you did not take the last BTSAA workout, then a protein shake is better to take early). That is, after a workout, it is best to eat tightly, take a walk in the fresh air and sleep well.

In the future, you can go to the bathhouse or attend a massage session – these procedures Skaka efter träningen steroids that help lose weight have a profound beneficial effect on the body, improving blood circulation and activating recovery processes.

Do not forget such important components of the training system as hitch and stretching – they allow you to move more smoothly from heavy loads to a calm state, facilitate relaxation of the circulatory system, improve muscle elasticity, accelerate the excretion of lactic acid and other toxins, and thus accelerate recovery.

It is important to remember that the Il nipote di “El Chato” in un documentario sul quotidiano “Spagna” a Tangeri higher the load during the training period, the longer the recovery period hormone chart period – after hard training, the body can recover up to several (4-5) days. At the same time, the athlete’s level of fitness also affects the speed of recovery – the longer you go in for sports, the less time you need to recover. Although this dependence is nonlinear, the loads also increase as experience is gained and strength indicators increase.

It is extremely important to pay great attention to a balanced diet during recovery, as well as quality sleep. Substances such as vitamins and adaptogens are also of great help. If it is reasonable to use all of these means, then recovery after a workout will rotator cuff recovery levitra be faster and easier.

recovery processes

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